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P I N E   S H O R E S   A R T   A S S O C I A T I O N
Swearing In scene from the first PSAA Board Meeting in 2018. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month unless otherwise designated. Members are invited to observe.  Only board members may participate.
Photo by Jill DeFelice
PSAA Board Meeting
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Pine Shores Art Association is equipped for the hearing impaired and is wheelchair accessible. Special assistance/accommodation available upon request.
The gallery is open to the public on Sundays, 1pm to 3pm and Wednesdays, 10am to 2:30pm. Admission is free.  

DYOT begins at noon on last Wednesdays for Gallery hangings and will be cancelled for all show hangings or if a trip or workshop is scheduled. For information contact Tom Rutledge, Gallery Director, at 609-294-0756.

Leslie Williams is our Hospitality Chairperson. Contact her at 908-947-5859
if you need help.

SUNSHINE : Please contact Willy Mueller at 609-698-5311 if you know of any member who is ill, hospitalized, or has suffered the loss of a close family member. 
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Executive Board Meetings
The next Board Meeting is 
Wednesday, December 12th, at 9am at PSAA

DYOT (Do Your Own Thing) at PSAA, from 10am to 2:30pm
Artists Helping Artists follows DYOT at 2:30

Outgoing President Kathy Crocker was unable to attend the Board Meeting on January 10th, so Past President Paul Hartelius presided over the ceremony. Officers (left to right) included Peggy Mahan, Treasurer; Kim Cesaretti, Vice President; Nancy Edwards, President; and Mike Amato, Secretary. The position of Trustee At Large was vacant for the month of January.  Candidate Linda Saladino was elected by the general membership at the monthly meeting held on Monday evening, February 5th. 
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September 2018 Message from the President 

Message from President
Nancy Edwards

Like a Poet or Writer, artists tell a story through their work…but without words. Think about… What story are you trying to tell? Did you experiment with various color combinations? Did you do value studies to then decide
which one would best support your work? What time of day is it? What shapes/textures do you want to portray? What kinds of edges will best represent your topic? Did you think about the various principles of design and elements of art?  

As an instructor, I often see students so excited about getting started they forget to think through these valuable initial steps which will best tell their art story. Slow down…put your brush down… be patient… and think through the process. In the end, you will save yourself a lot of time and create your best work. 

PSAA artists who are serious about improving their skills are patient… they plan and practice. These artists incorporate new techniques and products into their art. They take chances and are often very surprised by the impact it makes. So while taking a class…experiment…make mistakes…challenge yourself…and continue to grow as an artist! The alternative… stay within the safety net of what you already know.
Look into your heart at what you are good at… and willing to give to PSAA for a few hours each month. It will reap you more benefits than you can imagine. Recently we have had newer members sharing their gifts with us. They are amazing assets to Pine Shores. Bringing their talents and new ideas.  

As we develop small working groups, we would love to hear from you. Do you like to plan social events? Can you take pictures at our meetings or events? Are you good at writing?
Do you have management skills? Accounting skills? Computer skills? Can you welcome new members? Can you help set up for events? Can you help with small repairs? Just a little time goes a long way at PSAA to keep us going strong and offering some of the best art education/activities at a very low cost! 

Please make my day and offer your services! Email me at to share your talents! I will find a good fit for you on one of our PSAA teams!


Pine Shores Art Association is an amazing organization, serving artists throughout Ocean County. There is so much I have learned serving on your Board of Directors over the past 2 years, and as your President. The most important is that PSAA is a place to develop very special friends that speak your “art language” and become your “art family”!

Since 1981, members have been graciously stepping up to serve in various capacities. Whether it be answering the phone, helping make small repairs, planning activities, serving coffee, or serving as an officer…everyone is important! 

Nominees for our 2019 Officers:

President:                Linda Saladino

Vice President:        Kathy Crocker

Secretary:            Mike Amato

Treasurer:           Peg Mahan

Trustee at Large:    Suzi Hoffman