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TD Bank will make a donation to the Pine Shores Art Association by having their account holders fill in this form. You can sign up family and friends who have TD Bank accounts as well. Nothing to pay! Nothing to do! Just fill in this form and drop it off at any TD Bank, or in the box at Pines Shores. Through the Affinity Donation Program TD Bank demonstrates their support for non-profit programs. We value their support, and yours.

Pine Shores Art Assoc. Registered Branch: Manahawkin

Please help support the Pine Shores Art Assoc. by filling out this form:

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Affinity Organization: Pine Shores Art Association,
94 Stafford Ave. / P.O. Box 886 Manahawkin, NJ 08050
Phone: 609-597-3557 -

6th Annual 
Art Patron Show 
and Donations

To print out the this TD Bank form, please click here.
Chris Koutsogiannis, "The Perfect Red"
Jim Maloney, "Dry Docked Dinghy"
Dee Turba, "Over the Second Bridge"
Connie Purves, "Stafford Forge"
Chuck Person, "At Ease"
Lisa Budd, "Harvey Cedars Gazebo"
Linda Ramsay, "Calendula"
Linda Coulter, "Peach Bowl"
Pat Morgan, "For You Grandma"
Lee Fricke, "First Snowfall"
Joan Dandeo, "Time to Garden"
June Merrifield, "Lambertville Bridge"
Mary Walker-Baptiste, "Artist's Studio"
Paul Hartelius, "Idle Time"
Peggy Mahan, "Autumn Respite"
Nancy Barch, "Checkered Cats"
Louisa Lavelle, "Fallow Fields"
Suzi Hoffman, "Ol' Barney"
Tom Rutledge, "Ocean Dory"
Tom Pickle, "Alpine Solitude"
Tom Doyle, 
"Lady in Costume"
Jennifer Knorr, 
Irene Bausmith, 
"The White Pitcher"
Carol Sapp, "Sperm Whale"
Ed Renner, "A Birthday Bouquet"
Joyce Ecochard, "Shore Birds"
Linda Saladino, "Hazy Day"
Olga Choulindina, 
"Sitting Woman"
Paul Daukas, "North by North East"
Pat Shepherd, "Couple on Beach"
2017 donated paintings...
Bob Heyer, "Line Handler"
Dennis Millar, "Sea Salad"
Ada Barber, "Riding the Wind"
Diane Tomash, "Quiet Sunset"
Chris Vohden, 
"The Bouquet"
​Carlo Gaboardi, "Apples"
Danny Ng, 
"An Evening at Boat Yard"
Brad Thomas, 
"Day at the Beach"
TD Bank Affinity Program form...
Bernice Rappoport, 
"Morning Chore"
Mary Archibald, 
"Morning's Promise"
Marilyn Flagler, 
"Mother's Day Peonies"
Nancy Sterr Lang, 
"Reeds on Green"
Missy Maschal, 
"Heron on the Hunt"
Nancy Edwards, 
"Tea Time"
Maryellen Wernick, 
"Off the Beaten Track"
Carol Freas, 
"Tarragon Shrimp Skewers"
Tom Foster, "A Flower For You"
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3 Cheers for our Gala celebration and our volunteers who set up and ran the show !
 Chris Vohden and Irene Bausmith
Danny Ng and Mary Walker-Baptiste
Dee Turba and Nancy Camilleri
Carol Neugebauer and June Merrifield
Mary Walker-Baptiste
Margaret Hartwell tests the PA system
Centerpiece by Irene Bausmith
On the left, Lee Fricke
...and what a turn-out !
All photos by Paul Hartelius
Art Patron Show 

Another wonderfully successful Art Patron Show
Gala was enjoyed by over 150 PSAA friends on Sunday, July 30th at the Firehouse. Many thanks to many volunteers who worked since January to make this all happen. Being that this is our only Fund Raiser for the year, we are happy to report that over $3300 was raised to supplement Pine Shores Art's wonderful classes and programs for its members, and the public.