Spring-ish Show
August 1st  to  August 31st

Judge:  Joe Milligan

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2020 Best in Show Award
“Sea IV” by Chuck Person

Emotional. I feel the intensity of the ocean created by confident brush and knife strokes. The abstract nature of the painting is infused with atmospheric perspective, balance, contrast, and value. Brilliant!
Sea IV - 48 x 36, acrylic
Tom Rutledge Realism Award
“Tulips in Rusted Tea Kettle” by Cindy Edzenga

I’m drawn in by the subtle but effective highlight on the rim of the kettle. Then, the artist’s use of color, value, shadow, and perspective pulls my eye through the composition. A masterful treatment of the darkened shadows showing solid form makes this painting 3-dimensional. I feel I could reach around and grasp the kettle and the flowers.
Tulips in Rusted Tea Kettle
11 x 14, oil
Franken Frames Award
“Misty Pond” by Jim Maloney

Excellent use of watercolor layering and wet on wet techniques. Strong blending of deep
“complimentary” colors. A good balanced composition with cohesive points of interest.
Misty Pond
21 x 14, watercolor
Colorest Art Supplies Award
“Parapluies” by Dennis Millar

Darks, lights, color, flow ... A successful painting using a challenging perspective. Very well done!
14 x 18, acrylic
Judge’s Choice Awards

“In Deep” by Carlo Gaboardi

Merit Awards

“Cannonball” by Jill DeFelice

“Junk Drawer” by Debrah Jospe

“Hidden in Plain Sight” by Judith Schimmel
“Helium” by Sarah Kaputa
“Meandering” by Rosemary Glass

“Dancing Daffodils” by Cathy Heller

“Wave II” by Linda Saladino
Congratulations to the artists who participated in the 2020 “Spring-ish Show”. Your work was a pleasure to view. I sincerely wish I could have seen these paintings in person as I’m sure they are even grander in real life than on my computer screen. 2020 certainly has been a ‘different’ type of year, including the COVID-19 crisis. With that being said, it is fantastic to see so many good pieces of art being produced by the members of The Pine Shores Art Association.

Selecting just a handful of outstanding pieces was a challenge. I found great enjoyment in the broad range of subjects which made my selection process exciting. As a fellow artist, I looked at each piece with an eye on composition, value, color theory, and technique. After tucking away the technical aspects, I looked for the emotion of each piece.  Well done!

Keep those brushes, pencils, and pastels moving.

Joe Milligan
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