8th Annual 
Art Patron Show 
and Donations

The photos below show the awesome, original paintings that were available at this year's Art Patrons Show on Sunday July 28, 2019 at the Stafford Fire House, 133 Stafford Avenue, Manahawkin, NJ. 

'Marsh Series 1 & 2' - donated as a set by watercolorist Pat Morgan
'Drifting Sands' watercolor by 
Robert Heyer
'Beach Path' watercolor by
Chuck Person
'Sunrise on the Beach' watercolor by
Joyce Ecochard
Photos by Carol Sapp
'Rose Colored View' oil painting 
by Lisa Budd
'Sea Turtle' watercolor by
Carol Sapp
'California Colors' watercolor 
by Mary Walker-Baptiste
'Deep Current' 
alcohol ink rendering by
Amanda Sapp
'Dear Son' oil painting 
by Willy Mueller
'Jump' watercolor by
Suzi Hoffman
'Hibiscus Bloom' watercolor by
Carol Neugebauer
'Peach Roses' oil painting by
Christine Koutsogiannis 
'Tulips' pastel rendering by
Irene Bausmith 
'Kinderdijk' gouache by
Dennis Millar
'House on the Hill' 
pastel rendering by 
Dorothy Siclare

'Cape May Lighthouse' 
pastel rendering by
Ed Rennar 
alcohol ink rendering by
June Merrifield 
'Rushing Waters' 
pastel rendering by
Renee Leopardi
'Blue Claw' watercolor by
Brad Thomas
'Mount Vernon' watercolor by
Thomas Foster
'The Owl and the Pussycat...' oil painting 
by Linda Reddington
The fundraising Gala took place on Sunday afternoon, July 28, 2019 
at the Stafford Fire House, 133 Stafford Avenue, Manahawkin, NJ. 

Proceeds benefit southern Ocean County art lovers of all ages through year-round programs at Pine Shores Art Association.
'Morning' watercolor by
Tom Rutledge
'Golfer' acrylic painting by
Mike Amato
colored pencil rendering by
Cathy Heller
'May Flowers' acrylic painting by
Paul Daukas
'The Creek' watercolor by
Mary Archibald
'Kuckenhof Orchid' watercolor by
Linda Saladino
'Out of the Woods'
pen & Ink rendering 
by Tom Pickle
'Splash of White' watercolor 
by Lee Fricke
'The Cat's Meow' watercolor 
by Ken Hosmer
'Breakers on the Beach' 
gouache by Jill DeFelice
'Coastal Sailing' 
gouache collage 
by Ray Haworth
'Disappearance' watercolor 
by Carol Skiles
'Loveladies Back Bay' watercolor 
by Susanne Porter
'Burst of Spring' watercolor 
by Peg Mahan
'The Fourth Path' 
gouache by Dee Turba
'Light on the Cove' watercolor 
by Pat Pelletier 
'The Italian Market' ink & watercolor 
by Charleen Leslie
'Evening Sail' oil painting 
by Linda Ramsay
'Indian Summer II' watercolor 
by Rose Sinatra 
'The Protector' watercolor 
by Kim Cesaretti 
'A-Lure-ing' watercolor 
by Jim Maloney 
'Waterlily' watercolor 
by Carol Freas
'Hooper Strait Light' 
watercolor & gouache 
by Melody Schossig
'Enduring Brilliance' acrylic
by Diane Tomash
'Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine
watercolor by Chris Vohden 
'Ye Olde Grist Mill' watercolor 
by Glenys Baulderstone  
'Things No.2' 
oil painting by Carlo Gaboardi 
'Fish Tales' watercolor 
by Paul Hartelius
'Rainy Day Blues' watercolor 
by Clara Sue Beym
'The Magic of an Outdoor Shower' watercolor 
by Lonny Hall
'Twilight Cruise' watercolor 
by Nancy Lang
'Fisherman' oil painting 
by Jan Becker
'Pine Barrens Barn' watercolor 
by Barbara Kraemer
'Ice on the Bay' acrylic
by Andrea Sauchelli
'Magnolia' watercolor 
by Christine Calandra
'Catch of the Day' acrylic
by Barbara Whelan
'Snowmoon' oil painting 
by Allen Aldridge
'Waiting Series VII' watercolor 
by Carol Nace
'Petals' watercolor 
by Nancy Edwards
Some photos taken on June 26th - the day of receiving/hanging of the Patron Show
Photos by Paul Hartelius